New for 2019
Saga 370LS

BearX Crossbow

370 FPS
  • Price
  • Weight
    7.8 LBS.
  • Width at Draw
  • Width at Rest
  • Draw Weight
    175 LBS
  • 4x32 illuminated scope with 5-position rheostat light adjustments.
  • Adjustable cheek piece and rear stock with 3" of adjustments and five settings.
  • Illuminated Scope - Quiver - Neoprene Sling - 3 Carbon Bolts - Cocking Rope - Rail Lube / String Wax.
Saga 370LS
The Bear X Saga 370 LS is an ultra-fast crossbow that is dependable, trustworthy enough for the whole family to use, and a sleek, lethal weapon. This Dealer only bow has been upgraded with added comfort, accessories, and Kryptek Highlander camo.