New for 2019
Saga 370

BearX Crossbow

370 FPS
  • Price
  • Weight
    7.8 LBS.
  • Width at Draw
  • Width at Rest
  • Draw Weight
    175 LBS
  • Adjustable cheek piece and rear stock with 3" of adjustments and five settings allows for custom fine-tuning to find the perfect feel
  • Dual-mount string recoil suppressor system helps you remain stealthy by reducing noise and vibration
  • Shoots a blazing 370 fps
  • This ready-to-hunt package includes 3 carbon bolts, scope, quiver, sling, cocking rope, and rail lube / string wax
  • Engineered for top-of-the-line speed, extreme accuracy, and dependability
Saga 370
The Bear X Saga 370 crossbow comes ready-to-hunt and delivers top of the line speed, accuracy, and quality at an affordable price. Forged with the hunter in mind making them sleek and lethal, this crossbow offers aggressive power and performance. The stock has 3" of adjustability with an adjustable cheek piece.