New for 2019
Karnage Apocalypse

BearX Crossbow

370 FPS
  • Price
  • Weight
    7.5 LBS.
  • Width at Draw
  • Width at Rest
  • Draw Weight
    175 LBS
  • Compound crossbow with blazing speeds up to 370 feet per second
  • Narrow axle to axle at full draw only 14 inches wide, 18 inches wide not at full draw
  • Comes with 3 K20 carbon bolts, quiver, detachable sling, rail lube/string wax, and cocking rope
  • Features draw weight of 175 lbs., kinetic energy of 111 ft/lbs., and weighs only 7.5 lbs.
  • Includes 4x32 scope multi cross reticle with focusing eye piece
Karnage Apocalypse
Do more than survive. The Karnage Apocalypse delivers top of the line speed, accuracy and quality for an affordable price. They are forged with the hunter in mind making them sleek and lethal. This crossbow offers aggressive power and performance under the most challenging of conditions on any continent. Stock has 3" of adjustability with and adjustable cheek piece, ambidextrous trigger with dry fire inhibitor, adjustable fore end grip is mounted on a picatinny-style rail system for improved accuracy and comfort, dual mount string recoil suppressor system to reduce noise and friction.